Mixing cultural references without crush into the cultural appropriation, that’s the idea behind this fashion editorial TOTEM CHILD that we present you today.


In this editorial we decide to feature designers that truly unveil influences from different corner of the earth, with no disrespectful appropriations. They all have different experiences and heritages, but the mix of this uniqueness creates a great result.

TOTEM CHILD, from the Neo-couture of L’NENA ATELIER, to the solid and dramatic proportions of CHARLOTTEN MEILLEN, through the culture clash of ALBEC BUNSEN, passing by LEO PERALTA Golden touch and arriving to the glam shamanism of VICTORIA BARRUECO.

Bernat-3 Bernat-5

Bernat Cujo framed boundless looks styled by Fausto Leoni, where symbolism and Ancestral roots are carried by the model Targil, (marlene agency) who represent a millennial traveler; this is TOTEL CHILD. Once settled down, this individual releases his self expression, converting cultural heritage and traditions into fearless attires.


Bernat-8 Bernat-7 Bernat-6