Marco Grisolia SS16 collection is an intimate story, divided into five autobiographical chapters. “I felt the need to celebrate some points of my life, to make order, so they could coexist harmoniously and away from oblivion. I use the symbolism to capture them, because it is an extremely evocative and immediate tool. ” (Marco Grisolia).

Marco Grisolia SS16-26

Chapter 1 Childhood

Colored circles, enamel wooden vintage toys become decorative elements of collars, pockets, blouses and Tdress, following the theory of ordered spheres of botanical backgrounds camouflage, which characterizes the entire pattern, developing playful and elementary recalling childhood.

Marco Grisolia SS16-35

Chapter  2 Discipline

A rigorous development of geometric and checked shapes symbolizes education with its socialization processes, the scholastic formation, the order, the necessary input in preset and organized frames.

Marco Grisolia SS16-13

Chapter 3 The Father

A male suit  symbolizes the father figure, his loss and griev, but also the teachings and the power of memory.

Marco Grisolia SS16-24

Chapter 4 Temperament

Clear-cut and decisive colours, expressed through the color block, set the boundaries of the states of mind, the spirit and the personal character of the designer.

Marco Grisolia SS16-21

Chapter 5  Silvia

Blue eyes are the maternal empathy. A real tribute to his mother, focus of Marco Grisolia biography.

Marco Grisolia SS16-30