Spring is the start of something new, a time where we shed our winter worries and rebuild what we’ve lost. This collection breathes what we have to survive what we’ve gained from those worries. Patchworked and washed out fabrics create a drifters tale, while camo fatigues tell the story of survival in FairPlay. The light layering fabrics keep you cool and calm as the unpredictable weather changes. The springtime is a time to come out of your shell and wake up in a brand new world.


FairPlay re-emerges off the tail of a Saucony shoe collaborations to deliver their latest collections for the Spring season. Split into two deliveries, The Awakening shows more growth for the budding brand through the continued progression of their bottoms category and new branding through their wovens and outerwaer cateorgories bearing their “All is Fair” mantra.



One of the notbale styles from this category is the Quincy, a twill slim pant that has a slouched rise, a 6” exposed zipper leg opening with rip and repair detailing throuhgout and the elastic drawstring waistband makes this pant even more cozy. Another favorite is the Ike, a jogger with an inlayed cargo pocket on a single side and on the oppo- site, an exposed zipper welt pocket. The Ike, similar to the Quincy, is outfitted with an elastic drawstring waistband and zipper leg opening.


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From the wovens category, new details that stand out in this collection are the tonal ribbings and panneling found on the Drury hooded pullover and the snow washing techniques used on the oversized drop-shoulder Bronx cre- neck and the Kelsey, which is a French terry hooded pullover. The outerwear from this collection is thoughtfully weighted to transition us from the frigid air of winter into the emerging warmth and sunshine that Spring offers.

To find The Awakening in its entirety, the first drop will be available on Feburary 10 at www.fairplaybrand.com

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