Marios Karavasilis was born in Athens. His graduation from High Drama School Giorgos Theodosiadis and his interesting with music and dancing have led him to create theatrical costumes. After he created the theatrical company “ART CODE” and finally Marios Karavasilis decided to express himself by creating garments.

Marios KaravasilisAdditionally, Marios Karavasilis graduation from VELOUDAKIS Fashion School and his practise in fashion house “CELEBRITY SKIN”, resulted in his specialization in this sector.

Marios Karavasilis worked as a styling assistant in photographing and he has designed hats and headpieces depicted in many magazines such as HUFMAGAZINE, SLAVE, TANTALUM, USA/ELEGANT, RIVEN/ITALY. Also he designed creations presented to AXDW especially for New Fashion Designers, SINISTER/ALEXIA LAP “CHROMOPHOBIA” show and LEON by ILIAS WIA “CEREMONIAL” show.

Marios Karavasilis

Eventually, Marios created the brand “MK by MARIOS” in November 2014 to express his feelings as a fashion designer and to create with his searching look new creations relevant to fashion, theater and Arts.

DISCOVER the Backstage of Marios Karavasilis by LaModaChannel @ FEERIC Fashion Week (SIBIU)

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