For the A/W16-17 collection kept its focus on the DNA of the brand (which essentially lies in travel and embroidery) but also suggested new destinations and new shapes. This expansion of the line now offers coats, vests, jumpsuits, tote bags and new models of shirts, including the short shirt and the vamp shirt (that can be worn in two ways). And of course, the brand’s classics – the Piece Unique shirts and the Inspired shirts.

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The Piece Unique line includes the 19th century white dress-shirts, originally meant for men, origi- nating from South of France. Extremely flexible they reflect light and have been even used in movies like Gladiator or Lincoln as props. Made from linen, hemp or nettle, they are extremely du- rable and can live for years. Kilometre reinvents this unique style by adding intricate embroi- deries with travel destinations on them to create a truly one of a kind piece.


The sky is shining constellations, star tracks that tell stories of thousands, but one destiny. Back on land, Kilometre takes over. By linking flavors, destinations, literature, sound and music, Alexandra Senes infuses the Kilometre spirit and creates a community of travellers to whom frontiers don’t matter, as beauty ignores all boundaries. The adventurer of all continents and of all passions choose unexpected destinations, meeting points, lands of tomorrow where everyone can reinvent their time and space. These selected destinations and dreamers paths are embroidered * on Kilometre’s shirts. Ultimately Kilometre represents fair world trade, the history of fashion, simplicity of elegance, and high quality of craftsmanship.

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