If you have yet to hear about Exactitudes, it’s a long-running and ever-expanding project that challenges the idea of uniqueness. Artistic duo Ari Versus and Ellie Uyttenbroek have devoted their lives to documenting certain stereotypes in a Brady Bunch-style grid of portraits. From Tattoo Babes to Vagabonds to The Girls of Ipanema, the pair has captured human subgroups in a manner that divides and then unites.

Slate calls it, “a photographic argument against uniqueness,” while Vogue reassures that “no matter what your taste, age, or location, you’re not alone.” Regardless of its intentions, the 25-year long project has resonated with a mix of fans that span across generations.


Next on the agenda was to direct the spotlight on the loyal generations of Helmut Lang followers who have consistently woven his designs into a shared identity. Alongside the youthful and seasoned die-hards, the group includes Solange and Kanye West, who have remained devoted muses of the sartorial innovator.

“I had a heartfelt discussion with all of these fucking Helmut Lang images that I stared at for so many years.” -Kanye West

West is only one of many admirers following the project that aims to reveal we’re never truly alone. While displayed in a lookbook fashion, exuding prototypes of style, it’s awakening to find people from different walks of life so similar yet unattached. We find West alongside unidentified persons and Solange sharing the stage with peers outside her peripherals, a representation of democratization in both style and status.


From the perspective of art, the project inspires a sense of unity. For the Helmut Lang brand it transforms its product into an identity similar to the oeuvre of Versluis and Uyttenbroek, celebrating both individuality and uniqueness.

Tapping into emotion, Helmut Lang successfully transformed its label into a movement, resonating with individual style and sense of self- a feat attempted by most brands, and accomplished by one with a single, thought-provoking campaign.

Article by: Samantha Lockhart from NASENSE