Trade shows remain the most reliable platform for keeping up-to-date with changes in the industry and SEEK provides a comfortable environment for insiders to meet, exchange ideas, learn about new trends and conduct business. SEEK remains Berlin’s most extensive trade show for contemporary men’s fashion!

The state of the industry requires platforms like SEEK to meet the needs of various clients and that’s why we’ve invested our resources in developing a completely unique trade show. SEEK is a marketplace for buyers and sellers, a community platform for fashion enthusiasts and a valuable content resource. Each section shares the need to be informed of relevant news in the industry. To deliver this news, each section is thought of as distinct by SEEK and subsequently approached in a separate manner, resulting in a wide range of clients whose needs are considered and then met.
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At the same time, these three distinct categories continue to overlap and SEEK supports this convergence through collaborative projects that bring people from all parts of the industry together. With strong, organic roots in the community it represents, SEEK remains Berlin’s premier platform for debuting exciting collaborations, like the launch of the Alpha Industries x Deus Ex Machina collection last season.




For S/S 2017, SEEK links up with sneaker guru Hikmet Sugoer and eBay on the Sneaker buy and sell pieces from their personal collections. Also, SEEK convenes with well-known industry insiders Patta from Amsterdam, 24Kilates and Asics for a family affair BBQ. In addition, SEEK continues its reputation for throwing one of Fashion Week’s best parties as it teams up with leading menswear publication Highsnobiety in Berlin, before moving on to the second instalment during New York Fashion Week in July.

Thanks SEEK for this  Season, se you soon @ LaModaChannel