“No one understands the future until its passed” – Allen Aderotoye

Allen Aderotoye is a leading influencer amongst the crop of emerging creatives in New York City. As the designer behind menswear brand òL New York, Aderotoye has quickly amassed global attention, building buzz in creative circles in cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, London, and Berlin. While only on his sophomore collection, he’s already established himself as a designer to watch.


The emerging designer òL New York, continues its refined approach to men’s fashion with the launch of the newest collection titled Silver Spoon. The Silver Spoon collection explores the etymology of the term “silver spoon.” From one particular vantage point, the silver spoon represents affluence, while it can also allude to drug use. It is from this particular dissonance that the collection derives from, as it encapsulates characteristics from both highbrow and lowbrow culture.


Designed with functionality in mind, the selection of fabrics was informed by their ability to withstand the warmer seasons by ensuring that all pieces are lightweight and breathable. The materials used range from all natural wool to cotton, while RiRi zippers are applied to the collection’s jackets, offering a polished finish. The collection explores a variety of neutral color tones that range from khaki to white, while featuring subtle pops of green and yellow.

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