The LSD project is inspired by psycidelic rock song written by John Lennon “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. This describes an imaginary world reflected in her idea she wants to transmit the fine line between the real and the imaginary world. Move all these people to see the collection in an ideal and strange universe in which they are force to believe in each garment. Through artisanal textures, handmade materials and innovative techniques the collection captures a slice of this hallucinatory atmosphere, where you lose the map of where reality ends and dreams begin.

huf_13 huf_1

She wanted to play with the senses of spectator, to leave nobody indifferent with the first visual contact of the people. In the collection you will find 4 techniques that translate into 5 different textures. But in each one there are infinitely textures, meta-textures. All of these have one common thread which is the color pink. Because “la vie en rose” will cause us all to see though a sweet, delicious, and fun vision. Because in this new world with rose colored glasses we will see another aspect that runs thought the collections eccentric elements and shine to bring the audience to excessive, fun and a crazy end. A craziness that is necessarily contagious to understand every strange combination.

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Noelia Callejón was born the 8th of June of 1993 in Barcelona, Spain. When she was nineteen she started studying Fashion Design at FDModa, in the same city. During this period of time, she did practices collaborating with emergent brands like KriziaRobustella or her own brand, Oden Jewellery. The third year of the career she went to Milano for five months to complete her fashion education at “l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera”. She has finished her Fashion Degree this year, and has been also a finalist in “Mittelmoda 2015” with her final Fashion Project.


Photographer: Bàrbara Puigventós
Designer: Noelia Callejón
Stylist: Joss Jaycoff
Makeup: Vanessa Payon
Model: Elisenda Fatjó Carreras