Back-to-School: When it comes to creativity, Barcelona City does provide it profusely in many ways, but LCI Barcelona – FD Moda, truely represent the city, fashion-wise, offering every year to its students a wide range of  degrees and postgraduate programs.

LCI Barcelona – FD Moda design institute now offer a whole new campus, this 2,600m2 two floor building hosts 20 classrooms specifically designed to meet the needs of design specialties: Fashion, Interior Design, Product Design and Graphic Design.

Here we present the fashion show wrap video featuring the finest designers from the Class 2014/15. 

This Year catwalk has been characterized by high Fashion creations (embroidery, beading, knitting) with keen eye for fabrics, dye techniques and new materials. Presented under the name of HETEROGLOSIA, reflecting the coexistence of different concepts in one show.

But who really hit the spot with his/her final project this year among the 36 young designers.

National heritage, solemn aestethic and architectural cuts are rapresented by the 1st Prize winner Evelina Martirosyan with her ‘SKAZKA’ collection, followed by Fran Jimenez with his 1st Prize winningGELDIEZIN BIHOTZA’, where a cutting-edge menwaer collection blend together with details from the insects world. The 2nd prize is for Carlota Millan, with an exquisite take on urban fashion with funcional details, ‘2.1’ is a project that truely winks to the asian market. Finally the 3rd prize , which is splitted between Anna Vendrell and her eyecatching collection ‘LUMINESCENCE’, where the power on light is trapped  right into the fabric, giving a glow-in-the-dark effect. Adrià Doy is the other 3rd prize winner, with an amazing collection that’s all about  inorganic matter used as main material to create an outstanding female collection that talks about new sources, culture clashes and social evolution, this is ‘SIMBYOSIS’.

We are going to talk about these fresh minds raising up fiercely quiet soon, but now enjoy Felicidad Duce,  School of Higher Education in Fashion Design of LCI Barcelona, Final Project Fashion Show, Class 2015/16.