Laly Durann is a fashion designer born in Nepal and raised in Barcelona who just finished her studies in LCI Barcelona. She’s actually based in Kathmandu- Nepal working in a personal and professional project for 3 months. SCARS R STORIES is a collection inspired in people that are “inclusive”.

Discover Laly Durann here on the fashion editorial, photographed by Lena Sonrie for La Moda Channel

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What does that mean? It’s about people who are born from a multiracial or multi religious marriage, adopting both influences and creating a new one. Laly Durann personal life is a big part of the inspiration, as an adopted person she wanted to create designs that can reflex her passion on her birth country mixed as well with some other influences that she has like Japanese ninja style and hip hop music.

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The print symbol that appears constantly on every design it’s a buddhist symbol representing her spiritual connexion with that culture. Black and white colors reflex the contrast on both worlds, occidental and oriental lifestyles she has. by Laly Durann

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Laly Durann – Fashion Designer
Lena Sonrie – Photographer
Regina – Mua

Models – Kevin – Yemi – Brenda – Henry