JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair is the main event of art jewellery in Spain. Since 2009 dedicated to promote contemporary jewellery and placed in the cultural space Arts Santa Mónica gathering the most renowned national and international artists, galleries, collectives, schools, conferences and parallel events.

JOYA has become a business platform between artists and galleries, private collectors and cultural elite, with a full schedule of events, exhibitions, conferences, and supported by important publications and mass media on and off line.

This 8th edition, JOYA will be held from September 29th, 30th and October 1st and will relate art jewellery with other fields of CONTEMPORARY ART, combining both artistic expressions.


This year is an honor to have as jury members, some of the most influential personalities of current contemporary art world :

1497270_986082591427538_1738291411753077211_nDakis Joannou

Nicosia, Cyprus 1939

Dakis Joannou is actively involved in many charitable organizations. He is a major collector of contemporary art enjoying international recognition and serves on the councils of several museums worldwide. In 1983, he established in Geneva the DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art, a non-profit institution which, through an extensive exhibition program, aims to broaden the audience for contemporary art and explore the connections between contemporary art and culture.

12829306_986614251374372_5058027971380530734_oCarlos Urroz Arancibia

Madrid, Spain 1966

Carlos Urroz is the director of the International Contemporary Art Fair ARCOMadrid, since may 2011. The fair has become an event of great importance in the art scene in Spain and for the rest of the world. Since 1982 it has marked a crucial axis in the art market given its status, quality and cultural production.



12321275_987262307976233_4341499821828668114_nLiesbeth den Besten


Liesbeth den Besten is an independent art historian who is working internationally as a writer, curator, advisor, jury member, exhibition maker, teacher and lecturer in the field of crafts and design, especially contemporary jewellery. She is chair of the Françoise van den Bosch Foundation and member of the AJF board.

1923508_987882367914227_3942249654212350829_nJeemin Jamie Chung

South Korea, 1983

Jeemin Jamie Chung is the Winner of JOYA Barcelona 2015 with her collection “Two drops”, she was selected over 50 individual artists. She has a background of living in diverse cultures where her inspiration comes from. She graduated from Kookmin University, M.F.A Metalwork & Jewelry / Seoul, Korea in 2010.) She currently runs a studio in Seoul, Korea.


10412026_988922644476866_8840190938235287207_nPiotr Rybaczek

Poland, 1980

Piotr Rybaczek is the owner and funder of La Basílica Gallery since 2007. The gallery established in the center of Barcelona, gathers the work of more than 150 art jewellers and takes us to a dreamlike place where sculptures inspired in organic forms mix with antique glass cabinets that show the most creative jewellery pieces in the contemporary jewellery world.

12241488_990657574303373_176603748316078482_nPaulo Ribeiro

Brazil, 1978

Paulo Ribeiro was born in Brazil and establish in Barcelona since 2001. He is the co-owning of the creative agency Le Département and the founder and co-director of JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair. After getting his PhD in architecture by UPC started many projects focus on fashion events and interior design for several fashion fairs around the world.

12871472_990657580970039_2893474675734471753_nAnthony Chevallier

France, 1977

Anthony Chevallier is actually co-owning the company Le Département and co-directing JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair.
After getting his MBA in International Business, he specializes himself into the organization of fashion events and styling through a degree in the re-known Central Saint-Martin in London. Working several years into the fashion industry, he turned into the sector of Interior Design where he is actually working as an interior designer remodeling and decorating private properties in Spain and Europe.