The INFORCE YOGA collection incorporates three different smart textiles from Bremen-based Statex, positioned at spe- cific parts of the body. The fabrics contain 99% pure silver, making them skin-friend- ly, and giving them various special proper- ties. At chakra energy points, the material reflects warmth back to the body, thereby facilitating the opening of the chakras. To highlight these areas a second layer of fa- bric in laser cut triangle mesh was added. Furthermore, the textile in the underarms of the garments is odor-neutralizing. And pockets are lined with a fabric that shields the body from electromagnetic radiation generated by mobile phones.

(2) Inforce Yoga Collection by Lilien Finess Design & The Studio

INFORCE YOGA collection by german entrepreneur and fashion designer Lilien Stenglein specializes in fashion tech. She approaches her collection concepts with an interdisciplinary perspecti ve and a business background. In 2012, she graduated with a BA in Corporate Management & Economics, then went on to study fashion design, and in 2016 foun- ded her label Lilien Finess Design.

Lilien Finess Designs combine traditio-nal craftsmanship and tech components. Smart textiles add a twist to traditional functionality, while eyecatching details are created through the use of the latest technology, including 3D printing and laser cutting. The INFORCE YOGA line was created for the modern, digital yogi who wants to stay connected on the path to enlightenment.

(1) Inforce Yoga Collection by Lilien Finess Design & The Studio