HI ON LIFE is now presenting the third collection, H.O.L 2.0.3. All designed and made in Ghana where the base is located since January 2015.

The H.O.L 2.0.3 collection is a playful creation of joy inspired by the colourful and sunny days in the hometown of Accra. Weddings, parties, funerals and street life have inspired to the choice of materials. Many of which are worn at special occasions and celebrations, especially by chiefs and royalties. The styles are made in close collaboration with local tailors and artisans in the neighbourhood Labadi – Accra. Wear with pride!

Check our street shoot in Paris, born from the improvisation, photographed by @gianmarcoboccaccio , clothing: @HIONLIFE ,  jewelry: @jeangritsfeldt , styling: @malinbusck & @asa_edholm models: Celeste/ @la_rubia_paris & Malcom Lewis/ @blakeashmeade


HI ON LIFE wants to be part of a more sustainable fashion future. Ghana, as well as many other African countries, has a rich textile heritage and tailoring culture, but is now suffering from the invasion of cheap mass-produced low quality imports. Forcing many tailors and artisans to give up their work. The aim is to seize those artisan skills and embrace their huge potential. That’s why all H.O.L styles are made by independent tailors, piece by piece and in limited editions. In this way every garment gets exclusive and can be ordered with any customization and personal alterations requested.

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The H.O.L style could be described as Street Couture with a fusion of Scandinavian clean cuts and African bold prints and applications. The music- and club scene is a great influencer as well as street life. Most styles are unisex and sold in one size or by personal measurement

Malin Busck who is the designer and owner of the brand is trained as a Textile Manager at the School of Textiles in Borås – Sweden, but has always had the passion for creating.

“I’ve always enjoyed creating and finding new solutions of how to make things better. I love the challenge of doing things differently…especially when it’s said to be impossible. 

But fashion for me is a complicated interest, kind of a guilty pleasure. I love it and I hate it. 

I really get a thrill from the creative, playful part and I love to see things on the runway and in magazines etc. But I hate the negative effects that capitalization and mass-production have brought to it with over-consumption, environmental destruction and un- human working conditions as a result. 

That shit I don’t want to be part of!”

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After more than 10 years as a shop-owner and project manager within sustainable design Malin followed her dream and left Sweden for sunnier horizons and new challenges in Ghana.

Discover more about HI ON LIFE here: https://www.facebook.com/hionlife/

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