In memory of the 20th anniversary of couturier Gianni Versace’s death, PREMIUM GROUP and private collector Alexandre Stefani from Brazil will present his carefully curated collection of Versace pieces as part of the concept trade show SHOW&ORDER AT KRAFTWERK BERLIN.


Gianni Versace was one of Italy’s most influential fashion designers. July 15th, 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of his death. To this day, Versace’s empire remains one of the most fascinating couture houses in the world. His motto, as he once put it, was, “I think it‘s the responsibility of a designer to try to break rules and barriers.” His name is attached to extravagant design, opulent prints and luxurious fabrics. The golden head of Medusa, logo and trademark of the brand, embodies the firm’s extravagance.


Gianni Versace began his career as a buyer in his mother’s small family business, from where he acquired an unprecedented standing in the fashion world thanks to his comprehensive knowledge of fabrics and the art of design. Having become one of the world’s most renowned designers, he created fashion for friends and stars such as Naomi Campbell, Sting and Michael Jackson in the 1980s and 1990s. When the master was tragically murdered in July 1997, the fashion world was in shock. His life’s work and his legendary designs will still be remembered forever, encouraging current designers to venture creations rich in contrast.

Fascinated by the legendary couturier’s unique character, Brazilian artist Alexandre Stefani has collected Versace pieces for more than 25 years, making him the owner of one of the largest collections worldwide. On occasion of the 20th anniversary of Versace’s death, Stefani and the PREMIUM GROUP will present 26 select looks from this 500-piece collection at Kraftwerk. Alexandre Stefani has spoken out with great enthusiasm regarding the quality, materials and ambitious creations. Inspired by the formerly frowned-upon S&M scene, Versace created some of his most scandalous works in 1992, breaking taboos with his bondage collection that includes some of the collector’s favourites. Experimental pieces such as a dress made entirely of metal or a beaded vest are Stefani’s most beloved pieces and therefore the heart of the exhibition.

Berlin was not chosen at random as the venue for this one-time presentation of Stefani’s personally curated collection. Being a central metropolis for the avant- garde, the German capital provides the perfect exchange between art, fashion and culture while also bearing special symbolic value with regard to Versace’s early days as a couturier. When he was still a young, unknown designer in 1978, it was German fashion czar Albert Eickhoff who organised the very first Versace show in Lippstadt. 1994 saw Versace’s first exhibition at the Berlin Museum of Decorative Arts, which he made a point of coming to open personally due to his special relationship with Germany.

PREMIUM GROUP will present Brazilian artist Alexandre Stefani’s private collection during Fashion Week at SHOW&ORDER KRAFTWERK BERLIN from July 4th to 6th, 2017. Mr. Stefani will be present at the opening and inaugurate the exhibition together with invited guests. The opening will be supported by Diageo and the signature drink Zacapa Old Fashioned. Anita Tillmann, managing partner of PREMIUM GROUP, says, “In July twenty years ago, Gianni Versace was shot dead in Miami. Let’s celebrate life as we commemorate his work and his art.”