Ghislain Clerc is an avant-garde menswear label, focussing on multi-sensorial wearing experiences – based on the conviction that a perfect design consists on the one hand of the designer’s aesthetic and on the other, well thought-through function and an exact garment construction that impacts the wearer’s sensation during wear.

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Ghislain Clerc / A man in the snowstorm – dry, asphalt-gray ground, snowflakes swirl through the air. Light-foo- ted, without hesitating, he strides against the white squall. lightweight blizzard is my quest for a new sensation of wearing. The balance between defense and offense, inaccessibility and accessibility – fur meets technical textiles. Pocket insertions automatically direct the wearer into a pose. Transparent, air-cushioned parts over bulky knits bring about a new sense of snugness, self-assurance and unshakeable confidence.


The collection enwraps the body like a snow squall and sends the wearer, sportsmanlike, into the heart of the blizzard with a boosted sense of presence and a new awareness of the self and body. By Ghislain Clerc, emerging fashion designer from Berne, Switzerland.

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