Last july 9th 2015, LCI Barcelona – FD Moda presents HETEROGLOSIA fashion show at Sala Marqués de Comillas de las Drassanes Reials, Barcelona.

The question of this year was: What is fashion? Fashion for many people is a way of life. It is an art, is creativity, is talent.

Felicidad Ducethe School of Higher Education in Fashion Design of LCI Barcelona, is a true pioneer and a national and international reference in higher fashion education in Spain. Founded in 1928 by Mrs. Felicidad Duce, it trains more than 600 creative professionals yearly.

They believe that each of our students is unique and their mission is to help them to find his own way of expression.

Talent and creativity are universal languages that do not know any border. They are pleased to present the final projects of the class of 2014/2015. These innovative, creative and cutting edge projects are the result of the hard work, experimentation and dialogue between the students and their team.

This edition is based on the term HETEROGLOSIA, reflecting the coexistence of different concepts in one show. In each of these collections you can see our valuable educational and human project being developed throughout all these years.

The winners of this edition are: 

1st Prize: Evelina Martirosyan and Fran Jimenez
2nd Prize: Carlota Millan
3rd Prize: Anna i Adrià Doy Vendrell



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