De Wallen, the first Made in Italy brand conceived by urban bikers to urban bikers to live the city to the fullest on a bicycle. Envisioned as modern fighters, bikers live the city dynamically as they accept such challenges with an impeccable style, staying true to the lifestyle rules dictated by their tribes.

Following the brand’s spirit, De Wallen allows bikers to win the urban space over as they declare open war to the winter season elements such as darkness, cold and rain, thanks to the latest treatments and technologies that protect them without affecting their look.


Entirely Made in Italy, De Wallen collection is composed by iconic pieces from contemporary wear, where each stylistic detail hide astonishing technical features, expressing references to the such street-inspired aesthetics that melts into premium denim, gross grain inserts, cotton jerseys to create a versatile and refined total look.

Night Rides, Rainy Days, Stormy Wether are the distinct themes of the collection, springing from the analysis of the three staple moments of a cyclist life within the city.


Inspired by the world of the illegal bike races in the night, this theme gathers inspiration from the world of outdoor and military. Night Rides captures the fast-paced life of the modern biker while reinvents an all new breed of athleisure. This theme is brought to life by a broad use of the w-RFLX™ technology, allowing each garment to emit a reverbering glare when it’s directly hit by a light source, as in the case of a car lamp or a smartphone’s flash. Doing so w-RFLX defines a new glamorous idea of functional style in the name of visibility. Field Jackets denim and sweaters are enriched by innovative design, ergonomic constructions     and performance-based fabrics and treatments.



With a technical yet refined blend of shapes and fabrics purposed to a new kind of commuter, Raiy Day is inspired by the hard core biker. M65 jackets, anorak oversized sweaters receive a second life through W-DRY™, w-AIR™ and w-TUFF™ delivering extra protection against water, improved transferability and enhanced  wicking absorbing system  to grant the best urban biking experience.


Stormy Weather expresses the brand’s minimalism and focus on research  thru futuristic forms and details hiding extraordinary features. Garments make a broad use of finishings from sport performance, stigmatized by the use of cold-protective w-HEAT™ technology or visionaries w-NRG™ constructions , conceived to reinvent confort o the bike and boost each ride.

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