The Take Over: a tribute to the city that gave birth to the Futurist Manifesto in 1909

De Wallen, the premium Made in Italy fashion brand inspired by the urban bikers’s tribes, introduces editorial “Streets of Milan: the Take Over”, brought in partnership with digital magazine La Moda Channel.

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De Wallen carries on the legacy of Futurism expressed in last century’s Manifesto, where suggestions of a clock-working Milan served as the layer for envisioning a technology- driven society, embracing the idea of super-humanity, a prototype of the fusion between man and the machine.

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The city is the main character of “Streets of Milan: the Take Over”. Urban Landscapes are the ultimate goal to conquer by the De Wallen Army, a squadron of 2.0 individuals that can counts on the ergonomic constructions and sets of technologies within their uniforms in order to clear their deal mission. This is the case of de Wallen’s proprietary textile treatments as W-RFLX and W-DRY, delivering accordingly top visibility during night rides and extreme water resistance, without ever compromising breathability and look.

Shot by filmmaker Gianmarco Boccaccio, “Streets of Milan: the Take Over” is a joint production between De Wallen and international digital fashion magazine La Moda Channel.

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