Cricss the 23 years old dark artist, lives and creates in Berlin. She graduated Bucharest Fashion Institute in 2015 and after only one month Cricss debut was at Bucharest Fashion Week, ending “The white night of designers” in Pitesti just the day after. Her next collection was part of a bigger project realised by her fashion institute from Bucharest at Feeric Fashion Week in 2015.


In 2016, she presents “The beautifull people” in Feeric fashion week – Alba Iulia, with ready-to-wear clothes for both women and men.


Focusing on our own inner wildness, on  our own demons, Cricss creations captures in a mysterious way our own deep desire for freedom. The clothes that Cricss create are for fearless souls, free spirits, without rules, no matter age, gender or religion.



“We are different human beings, each of us are living our own lives in different ways and our desire is to underline our own personality. Humans and their expressed orginality  are my inspiration.  “The beautiful people” highlights our own inner beauty without caring about other opinions. The collection is the image of an escaped dark soul!

Here is LaModaChannel‘s photo production for CRICSS! 

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