Having grown up in front of the sea, it came natural for me to talk about it in my “Be Sassy, Get Salty” collection, for my third year at Polimoda fashion school. I am fascinated by the nautical world and by someone who smells salty, who just came from a boat trip.

Besgs_collection_02 Besgs_collection_03

I started to draw a young man who was thinking about the sea like it’s his escape from the real world, the mainland. In his cozy enviroment he feels free to be himself indeed, to show his true colors, and he’s free to play like a child without thinking about the other grounded grown up.

Besgs_collection_08 Besgs_collection_09

That’s why when I look at the final result I can see huge volumes, bright colors and unusual knitting and textile effects with the sand. Everything is allowed, as long as it’s playful.



Although when he comes back and he steps in the ground, right in the limbo where boat trips start and end, that’s when our story happens, when my man fights with his salty, childish comfortable feeling and the knowledge that this won’t be good for the adult society. (by Chiara Morello) #fashion #young #designer