BYUNGMUN SEO is a visually provocative menswear ready-to-wear line.


It displays an unconventional construction of garment that often plays with creative pattern cutting and pushes the boundaries of traditional fashion and silhouette. The philosophy of BYUNGMUN SEO is that fashion needs to be functional first of all, but also conceive a style that reflects the mood and state of mind: poetic, sensitive and melancholic.


The inspiration exudes a sense of discreet chic, the essence of timeless style, drawn on a monochromatic, poetic expression through experimental pattern cutting.


The limit of color on BYUNGMUN SEO (Palette of black, grey and touches of pure whites) allows to mix all pieces with each other and to create fresh,personalized looks. It also can accentuate the contrast of high textured fabric showing diversity and harmony. The intelligent combination of high end fabric with a variety of other materials gives the brand a luxurious and exclusive look and feel introduces the chic yet, contrasting fabrics is draped and layered to create very distinctive and sombre clothes to clad a twenty-first century gentleman.

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