The most important fashion week from Easther Europe has changed its name this year, moving to the name consecrated to the major fashion weeks in the world.

This year Feeric Fashion Week shall take place between 16 and 24 July in Alba Iulia and Sibiu.

Last year, Eduardo Perez and Diego de Biase, the Argentine designers behind the brand Sarah Jessy Jones have opened, through the fashion shows from Alba Iulia, both the fashion week and the path of South American designers to the generous market of Eastern Europe. The success of the fashion shows put on by the two designers has lead to a really impressive list of South American designers for this year’s edition. Therefore, alongside various Argentine designers, the public will see collections made by designers from Paraguay and Chille. And the international participation at Feeric Fashion Week does not stop here. During the 8 days, on the Feeric Fashion Week catwalks shall be presented creations of famous designers from Singapore, Lebanon, Sweden, Malta, Serbia, Greece, Italy, France or Germany.

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Over 50 designers from all over the world have confirmed their presence at the first edition of Feeric Fashion Weekand we are so glad to support our special fashion designer Barcelonés, Albec Bunsen.

The festival is structured on three sections of fashion shows. The individual fashion shows shall be, each year, the main attraction of the most creative fashion show from Europe. The creations of the designers shall be presented on the wonderful streets from downtown Sibiu, in the garden of Brukenthal Palace of Avrig, to the Stairs’ Passage, or in the Fortified Church from Cristian. The spacious area of Redal Expo shall be transformed into Feeric Venue during the festival, where each night shall take place fashion shows. At the end of each festival evening, a themed party shall take place in Feeric Venue. The Feeric Gala shall close the Feeric Fashion Week in the Small Square on the footbridge parallel with the Bridge of Lies, may the most representative international image of the fashion week.


Various guests from the major fashion capitals have announced their presence at Alba Iulia and Sibiu for Feeric Fashion Week. Besides journalists and international bloggers specialized in fashion, at Feeric Fashion Week shall also participate: Andrea Garmendia, Argentine TV star, Anama Fereira, the manager of the most important models agency from Argentina, the famous Italian photographer Nicola Casini, Sherry Fan on behalf of the agency Sherry Models from Guangzhou, China or representatives of Wave Management Agency from Milan.

See you there.